Hi, I'm Matt. 

Hey there. I'm Matt. I'm a designer working out of Seattle, Washington. I moved up here from the bay area nearly two years ago, and I love my new home.

I do design. What kind of design? Whatcha got? I am currently focusing on User Experience Design in the living room context for Hulu. If you're streaming media on your xbox to your TV, that's what I'm doing right now.

Overall though, I've worn lots of hats as designer, and crave variety. I've worked on the web, I've worked in mobile, and now I've worked on television. I occasionally do some identity and print work. I'm a completely terrible illustrator, but throw some icon design at me, and I'm happy as a clam. I'm good with wires and flows, and think I have a pretty solid feel for how multiple parts of an application should fit together to let users glide from task to task and ask to ask. I feel most at home working on mobile apps, but ultimately, I love finding elegant, designed solutions to problems that make people's lives easier and richer, regardless of context.

In addition to being a designer, I also like to keep my developer skills sharp - I like to be able to build, to experiment, to prototype, and generally be able to put the "interactive" in interaction design. I feel it makes me a better, and more capable designer.

I'm always looking for a challenge. I like small teams that move fast and think big. I want to find somewhere I can experiment and ideate, but still ship and make an impact on people, and in my field. 

Let's do something cool.